Sean Dague’s Gems


This is a collection of my released ruby gems for various smaller open source projects I’m working on. It was a little easier to manage them all in one place instead of across a bunch of different ruby forget projects, so they are all included here.

All the source code for these projects can be found on github. In addition, if you follow the links to any of the projects below you’ll get their own web pages describing usage.



Temperature makes it easy to deal with temperatures in Ruby, but adding mixin methods to numbers and strings. This was inspired by using Ruby to manipulate data from my home weather station, and wanting it to keep track of the units for me so that I didn't have to think about that in code.

For more information, visit temperature's website or full API documentation.


Thermostat.rb is a remote monitoring and control interface for Proliphix Network thermostats. I was motivated to write this as part of some simple home temperature monitoring.

For more information, visit thermostat's website or full API documentation.


Typed accessors creates a set of accessors with a predefined typed. Often when dealing with webservices all the data comes back as strings, but you really want to be working with these things as numbers or dates. Manually converting them is duplication, and can be error prone.

For more information, visit typed_accessors's website or full API documentation.


Modules for interacting with Weather Underground website. Right now the focus is on the data upload for their personal weather station reporting interface.

For more information, visit weather-underground's website or full API documentation.

Sean Dague, 16th March 2010
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